Information for presenters 

AirVenture Australia provides an excellent opportunity for aviation organisations, manufacturers, retailers, maintainers, exhibitors, industry experts and individuals to host a seminar a workshop for aviation enthusiasts.

Topics from the 2017 event included safety, RAAO organisational updates, building an aircraft, engine maintenance, electronic flight bags, aviation law, manufacturers updates, retail and new equipment, fascinating aviation stories, and industry experts.

There are four venues available at Cessnock Aerodrome available to host your presentation, and we will provide you seating and audio visual equipment including sound, screen, and projector (please don’t forget to bring the cords and adaptors for your own devices). Three venues have a capacity of 50, and the fourth venue has a capacity of 120. Seminars and workshops should be offered free of charge, except where the host is required to charge a fee for materials on offer.

The maximum length of each seminar should be around 45 minutes, allowing an extra 10 minutes for Q&A and 5 minutes for handover to the following host. There are around 60 spots available to book and the schedule will be determined on a first come first served basis. Seminars will be held between 12 noon and 6pm on Thursday 20th, 9am and 5pm Friday 21st, and limited seminar spots are available between 9am and 1pm on Saturday 22nd.

For more information or to book your seminar or workshop please contact Seminar Coordinator Michael Linke. Please include: name; contact details; a brief synopsis of your presentation topic or workshop; any special requirements; and three preferred options for the date and time of your presentation.

Please note: Not all requirements will be able to be accommodated. The organisers reserve the right to schedule seminars as they see fit. Requests for multiple seminars will be considered and accommodated where space is available. The venue selected for seminars will be allocated based on the specific requirements of the seminar.

Seminar enquiries: Michael Linke at or 02 6280 4700
Booking deadline: 5:00pm Thursday 31 July 2018


Information for visitors

Registrations for seminars will open soon!

Please note that registration for seminars and workshops is free unless there is a material cost specified by the presenter.




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